32-bit Linux perf failures

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Thu Feb 20 10:40:21 UTC 2014


Am Donnerstag, den 20.02.2014, 01:39 +0000 schrieb Mateusz Kowalczyk:
> I just ran validate with current HEAD
> (2b34947b60069e51abfcada9c45a6d7b590f5a2b) and I have quite a few perf
> failures. Perhaps these need tweaking? I know that 32-bit numbers were
> neglected in the past. The Haddock numbers have been complaining for a
> few weeks now but I think everything else is fairly new.
> Here is the end of the log:
> Unexpected results from:
> TEST="T876 T7954 T8766 T1969 T5631 T783 T3294 haddock.Cabal
> haddock.compiler haddock.base T3924"

Call arity has improved T1969, T876, T7954, T3294 and T5631 (so the
change for 32bit is expected, just update the numbers to what your
computer says) and T3924 was added by my without 32bit numbers (so add
your numbers, after adding the usual bitness-switch). Also T4267 is
lacking 32-bit numbers.

Generally, you might want to run "git blame" on the all.T-files and see
if there was a recent change to the 64 bit numbers in the same direction
than the change you are observing, and in that case simply update the
numbers accordingly.

Maybe when changing the 64-bit number we should have a way of marking
the i386 as likely out of date, so that the next person on 32bit will
see a message „Number changed, but that’s expected, so please just
update all.T“.


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