Idea for improving communication between devs and potential devs

Jonathan Paugh jpaugh at
Wed Feb 19 12:13:14 UTC 2014

(Apologies for resending this, but my mailer was acting wonky. Also,
apologies for dragging up a fairly old thread.)

Hello. I'm (also) looking to get more involved with GHC, and Haskell
generally. To that end, nominolo, could you give me a wiki account?
Also, pending this discussion, what permissions would I need to write
blog entries?

On 01/03/2014 06:21 PM, Howard B. Golden wrote:
> Herbert,
> A revived blog would be great as well, if the Simons and other devs have time to write it. I certainly don't know enough to write it myself, but I can collate what others are talking about and maybe agreeing about on the mailing list. I think what I can produce would work better as wiki entries, rather than a blog, so it can have both a topical and chronological access path, but I am open to the blog approach as well if others will write content too.
> Howard
I would really enjoy reading a description of recent commits -- it'd
give me a fighting chance to understand what's going on. Perhaps with
some concentrated effort and a little time, Howard and I would be able
to write those, since it really comes to down asking the primary devs
the right questions about their work: questions that might even help
them refine the quality a bit, by creating awareness.

However, in the meantime, there's another project Howard and/or I could
embark upon, that's even easier to get started on: Transcribing
everything we learn, to build up a suite of entry-level documentation.

We could write some good, introductory material and post it to the blog.
Both Howard and I have a good perspective of what challenges new comers
may face, so we could definitely make it relevant. Later, it could be
compiled (e.g. a page full of blog links) in the wiki and become the new
dev boot-strap guide.

I have already one good article in mind, "How to get an answer on
ghc-devs". This would consist largely of material from one of January's


I'm not exactly sure how much time I can commit to this, but I guess
that's not profoundly unique.

Jonathan Paugh

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