Pre-Master checks (Was: Nightlies)

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Am Dienstag, den 04.02.2014, 15:26 +0000 schrieb Mateusz Kowalczyk:
> You mention that it's enough for one machine to validate the patch. What
> if the change was for example to fix something on ARM (where builds take
> a long time) and has no effect on x86? The x86 machine is likely to come
> through first and give you the OK, pushing to master something that's
> effectively not checked. In fact, the fastest slave is likely to come
> through first every time and if it validates there (for example, I hear
> that 64-bit Linux is the golden platform for validate), it will be
> pushed to master.

sorry, I was not clear. There would be _one_ dedicated machine for doing
pre-master checks, and its main purpose is to detect obvious mistakes,
i.e. broken code, forgotten test output updates etc. It will not replace
the build farm that does daily checks on other systems.

If someone fixes a problem on an different architecture, I have no
doubts that we will have tested this fix. It is the forgotten update of
the import list (which will make validate fail for others, independent o
of the architecture) that I worry about.


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