ANNOUNCE: GHC version 7.8.4

Alfredo Di Napoli alfredo.dinapoli at
Mon Dec 29 17:53:02 UTC 2014

Hi Carter,

I finally had the chance to test this on my personal laptop, where I was
pretty much free on which version of Cabal/haddock to use.
Installing a fresh haddock, and using Cabal- (but I suspect it
doesn’t matter), “cabal haddock” worked just fine on one of my


On Wednesday, 24 December 2014, Carter Schonwald <carter.schonwald at>
> or worse case, just cabal install haddock and that will work fine
> On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 12:56 PM, Carter Schonwald <
carter.schonwald at> wrote:
> try rm ~/.cabal/bin/haddock
> and then type which haddock and you should be getting the
/usr/local/bin/haddock or whatever, then stuff should work fine
> On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 11:40 AM, Alfredo Di Napoli <
alfredo.dinapoli at> wrote:
> The installation succeedeed and GHC is working correctly.
> But yes, "cabal haddock" seems to have some difficulty in the new
version, but I can't judge if it's my sandboxed environment (we use "hub"
at work) or the failure you mentioned.
> Calling "haddock" alone works (using the previously installed on my
system), "cabal haddock" does not:
> ☁  mandrill [master] ⚡ haddock src/Network/API/Mandrill.hs
> Haddock coverage:
> Warning: main:Network.API.Mandrill: Could not find documentation for
exported module: M
> Warning: Couldn't find .haddock for export Control.Monad.IO.Class.liftIO
>  88% (  7 /  8) in 'Network.API.Mandrill'
> Warning: Network.API.Mandrill: could not find link destinations for:
>    Control.Monad.IO.Class.MonadIO
Text.Email.Parser.EmailAddress Data.Text.Internal.Text Text.Blaze.Html.Html
> ☁  mandrill [master] ⚡ cabal haddock
> cabal- You need to re-run the 'configure' command. The version of
> Cabal being used has changed (was Cabal-, now Cabal-
> cabal haddock: /usr/hs/tools/cabal- failure (return code=1)
> On Wednesday, 24 December 2014, Carter Schonwald <
carter.schonwald at> wrote:
>> sure, please verify first.  (also make sure haddock etc works for you, i
had to remove a haddock binary from ~/.cabal/bin before haddocks were
building correctly for me)
>> On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Alfredo Di Napoli <
alfredo.dinapoli at> wrote:
>> Thanks Carter!
>> I have just asked basically about it on Reddit, in the announce thread.
>> I'll give it a spin, and if it works I will share the link (if you are
ok with that!) on the
>> same Reddit post.
>> Alfredo
>> On Tuesday, 23 December 2014, Carter Schonwald <
carter.schonwald at> wrote:
>>> Heres a OS X build that should work with >= 10.7
>>> and the sha 512
>>> shasum -a512 ghc-7.8.4-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.bz2
>>> On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 8:12 AM, Austin Seipp <austin at>
>>> ==============================================================
>>>     The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 7.8.4
>>> ==============================================================
>>> The GHC Team is pleased to announce a new patchlevel release of GHC,
>>> This is an important bugfix release relative to 7.8.3 (with over 30
>>> defects fixed), so we highly recommend upgrading from the previous 7.8
>>> releases.
>>> The full release notes are here:
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