more parser conflicts?

Dr. ERDI Gergo gergo at
Tue Dec 2 10:19:32 UTC 2014

On Mon, 1 Dec 2014, Richard Eisenberg wrote:

> In unrelated work, I saw this scroll across when happy'ing the parser:
>> shift/reduce conflicts:  60
>> reduce/reduce conflicts: 16
> These numbers seem quite a bit higher than what I last remember (which is something like 48 and 1, not 60 and 16). Does anyone know why?

The offending commit is bc2289e13d9586be087bd8136943dc35a0130c88. I know 
this because I was changing the parser for patsyn signatures, and so I 
updated the numbers in Parser.y to make sure I'm not adding any new 

25 June 2014

Conflicts: 47 shift/reduce
            1 reduce/reduce

but then when time came to rebase my changes before pushing, I noticed 
that it has gone up, and I had to update it yet again in Parser.y:

20 Nov 2014

Conflicts: 60 shift/reduce
            12 reduce/reduce

So anyway, the point is, if you try bc2289e and bc2289e^ you can see that 
that is the commit that introduced these new conflicts.

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