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Austin Seipp austin at
Tue Aug 19 13:39:55 UTC 2014

Hello *,

Sorry for the scatter-brained-ness of my update. But without further
ado, here are some things that have been going on:

 - I was going to land AMP, but I've gotten stuck again! It seems that
now, Haddock infinite loops, but this one I really can't figure out.
See my comment on the ticket[1] if you're adventurous - a small patch
to Haddock and you should be able to build things, but it'll fail
while Haddocking `ghc-prim`. Any help here would be much appreciated!

 - Phabricator now has significantly better build integration, as I'm
sure many of you have seen. It is less noisy (and doesn't email you as
much), has better logging support (that actually works), and it now
builds commits AND patches! It's been in-production since last week
and a lot more reliable than the crap I wrote before.

  I am thinking of changing the Phabricator GHC commit builder to
validate all commits in `--slow` mode, which we can't do on Travis,
and will catch more failures. I assume most people would approve of
this. :)

 - The wiki has been updated in several spots:
    - The Phabricator page is now more detailed about Audits and more
up to date about builds.[2] Yes, I know it looks long, but it's really
just due to a lot of pictures. It's actually quite short still.
    - The Git workflow pages (starting from WorkingConventions/Git)
have seen some minor updates[3], but nothing substantial. Some old
pages still need to be deleted possibly, and some things (e.g. GitHub)
might need further tweaks.
    - Yes, we're still seeing spam, but unfortunately nobody has had
time to fix the CAPTCHAs yet. If you can write some python and want
to, I'm sure Herbert would like to know. :)

 - There is a new status in Trac, primarily useful for patches, called
'upstream', which is very similar to 'patch', but says that the change
goes to an upstream library that GHC must synchronize with. This
difference is now much more important since many of our packages are
tracked through submodules. See the working conventions page for some
details and a pretty graph[4].

- I've gone ahead and split my old optimized-memcpy patch into two
patches - D165 and D166 on Phabricator. Hopefully these will go in
soon after some discussion with Johan about how we want to handle the
flags is talked out.

 - All of the Phabricator patches from outstanding contributors have
been merged, I think. There are some outstanding reviews still going
on, and some accepted commits still waiting for other reviewers I

 - Almost all of the current outstanding patches have been either
merged, taken out of patch state (in case they were in limbo), or
moved to 'upstream' status. Take a look at this wiki page:

These are all the patches and upstream tickets, specifically those
which do NOT have ongoing Phabricator code reviews for them. I chose
this so we don't see tickets that may already be going under review
elsewhere. Notably I'm testing the fusion tickets before merging them.

OK, I think that's it. Do let me know if you have any questions (or
would like to help with D13 :)



Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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