CPP usage in GHC.

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 21:18:03 UTC 2014

why should this flag be passed to cpp when invoked on HS files? It'd be
easy to expose another field in the settings file for this other
invokecation.. though i should look more closely at the use site before
opinining :)

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 4:27 PM, Karel Gardas <karel.gardas at centrum.cz>

> On 08/11/14 08:48 PM, Carter Schonwald wrote:
>> What i'm hearing you say is we actually need TWO sets of CPP flags, one
>> for normal haskell, and another for the CPP used on the assembler?
>> wheres this hardcoding?
> DriverPipeline.hs -- grep for "assembler-with-cpp" and you will find it.
> IMHO best would be to move this "-x assembler-with-cpp" into the
> hs-cpp-flags managed by configure. This way it may be even possible to use
> system supplied plain cpp instead of cpp builtinto GNU C.
> Karel
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