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Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Thu Apr 24 08:29:15 UTC 2014

| having GHC HQ monitor breakage in (a subset) of hackage for HEAD would
| be great! I can imagine a daily (or weekly, depending on resources)
| build of all of hackage or stackage using HEAD, and when there is a
| breakage, then git bisect on our soon bisectable repo and a tool that
| would allow the common git hacker to easily built and test the one
| breaking package will let us know about problems quickly and with
| little friction.
| (The sole purpose of this message is to convey motivation :-))

Please remember that "ghc hq" = Austin and me. And I have another job.  Relying on GHC for anything means that you may wait a long time.

So we increasingly rely on the army of GHC volunteers to do the heavy lifting.  I'm increasingly encouraging Austin to see his role as 
   removing road-blocks from, 
   keeping well-informed,
   and thanking 
volunteers, rather than doing the work himself.

So Yay for motivation, but it's the ghc-devs community that you are addressing, not "ghc hq".

And THANK YOU ghc-devs.  We love you.


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