Validate Failures

Daniel Fischer at
Sat Apr 19 22:50:18 UTC 2014

I'm getting three or four validate failures on 64-bit Linux (openSuSE 12.3):

Unexpected failures:
   perf/compiler             T3064 [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/compiler             T6048 [stat not good enough] (optasm)
   simplCore/should_compile  simpl015 [exit code non-0] (optasm)
   th                        T8333 [bad stdout] (normal)

The perf tests allocate about 2% more than they are allowed to.

> bytes allocated value is too high:
>     Expected    bytes allocated: 308422280 +/-5%
>     Lower bound bytes allocated: 293001166 
>     Upper bound bytes allocated: 323843394 
>     Actual      bytes allocated: 329638208 
> *** unexpected failure for T3064(normal)

> bytes allocated value is too high:
>     Expected    bytes allocated: 110646312 +/-10%
>     Lower bound bytes allocated:  99581680 
>     Upper bound bytes allocated: 121710944 
>     Actual      bytes allocated: 123103232 
> *** unexpected failure for T6048(optasm)

The T8333 failure is due to it reading my .ghci file, thus getting additional 
output. Is there a way to automatically check that all tests that use the 
"--interactive" flag also use "-ignore-dot-ghci" like the ghci tests do, or 
must one wait for validate failures due to that and add it then?

Finally, simpl015 is a test that does only sometimes fail. It uses on my box 
an estimated 2GB of memory, and when I haven't anything else memory-hungry 
running, it passes, but when I have (as I do by default) SeaMonkey running 
(with tons of open tabs), my box quasi-freezes, the test times out, and the 
browser is OOM-killed.

I am not happy with that behaviour.

And looking at what the test is, I am somewhat irritated that it uses so much 


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