Breaking bug in 7.8.1

Austin Seipp austin at
Thu Apr 10 12:28:03 UTC 2014

This seems good to me. I'll go ahead and prep the tree then and get
some things ready.

To everyone: I'm going to carefully review the outstanding patches etc
besides #8979, but I'm not inclined to take very many - if any -
besides this one. So if you missed the 7.8.1 train, but you *really*
want something in 7.8.2, please talk to me soon...

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 2:34 AM, Simon Peyton Jones
<simonpj at> wrote:
> Austin, Simon (and others)
> As you’ll see from, I succeeded
> in introducing a new bug into 7.8.1 post RC2, when fixing #8913.  And it
> seems to matter.  (Because of the windows seg-fault saga, RC2 was active for
> a long time, and none of our regression tests showed up this bug.)
> It looks to me that we have little choice but to push out 7.8.2, more or
> less immediately, and advise everyone to ignore 7.8.1.    Do you agree?
> Sorry about this.
> Simon


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