Offering GHC builder build slaves

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Wed Apr 9 08:36:32 UTC 2014

On 04/ 9/14 03:41 AM, Alain O'Dea wrote:
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> On 14-04-08 08:17 PM, Karel Gardas wrote:
>> On 04/ 8/14 03:16 PM, Alain O'Dea wrote:
>>> The two build slaves I intend to run are: - x86_64 Solaris (on
>>> SmartOS)
>> Please name it smartos-x86 then. I'm running real Solaris 11.1 as
>> a builder here so let's make it different name builder and see if
>> there are any incompatibilities between those two (I hope still
>> very close) platforms.
>> BTW: what's your platform triple detected by config.guess?
>> Thanks! Karel
> Hi Karel,
> My platform triple detected by config.guess is:
> x86_64-unknown-solaris2
> I got that by running `cat config.status | grep TargetPlatformFull`.

Hi Alain,

hmm, that's after GHC own platform processing is done, but what does

sh config.guess

tells you? E.g. on my two Solaris 11 I get:

$ sh config.guess

$ sh config.guess

BTW: also if you are building GHC on AMD64/Solaris/err/SmartOS, then I 
think Christian (cced) may be interested as he is currently working on 
cross-compiling from i386/Solaris to AMD64/Solaris and he is hit by some 
bugs along the way. So if you do have already binary for GHC on that, 
then perhaps it'll work on Solaris too...

You may wonder why I'm so picky about Solaris, but I've just been hit on 
Solaris 10 by bugs (in linker) which are not presented on Solaris 11 so 
in the past I needed to switch off shared libs on Solaris 10 and keep 
this functionality on Solaris 11 so I'm curious what third member to 
Solaris family will bring here. I hope SmartOS is still more closer to 
Solaris 11 than Solaris 10 thanks to its roots in OpenSolaris project...


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