Offering GHC builder build slaves

Alain O'Dea alain.odea at
Tue Apr 8 11:59:09 UTC 2014

This is great.  I'm excited about this.

Páli, I am happy to do troubleshooting, recruiting, and assistance for new build slave volunteers.  I will gladly support your leadership on this.  I will work to ensure that you don't carry an undue share of the effort.

I have four (one in slings due to a busted PSU) reasonably powerful (if old) Dell Precision T3500s that can provide a variety of x86 and x86_64 OS builds on Xeon.  They currently run SmartOS, but they can run other x86 and x86_64 guests.  They are purpose-built for isolated virtualization.   The biggest limitation for these right now is RAM (they have 6GB each), but I'm considering more soon.

I'll send my first build slave username and password off list to you later today.  Once I have that working I'll document the current process for volunteering and setting up build slaves.


> On Apr 8, 2014, at 8:50, Páli Gábor János <pali.gabor at> wrote:
> 2014-04-08 10:30 GMT+02:00 Joachim Breitner <mail at>:
>> we also need a culture of just doing stuff, and less asking for it.
> Yes, I was educated in the same spirit but in the FreeBSD Project.  I
> did not ask much for it when I replicated the whole setup just for
> myself last year.
>> if you want people to join their builders, tell them what
>> information you need from them and add them. Feel free to modify the
>> wiki so that people find you. Make up some rules (about usernames etc.)
>> as you go, if necessary.
> That is good to hear.  First, I had the impression from the previous
> discussions that Ian's solution is not proven enough so you want to go
> for some other solution.  Second, I do not want to duplicate anybody
> else's efforts.  Although I have already stated that I am willing to
> let others connect to my server and replied the related mails, but I
> felt that the offer was still ignored or lost.
> I do not want to be pushy, I do not like stepping on other's toes.
> But actually I can if that is what you want -- that is how I did eight
> BSD workshops and developer summits in the last four years and
> eventually become the secretary of the FreeBSD Core Team.
>> Just do it. And tell us about your achievements.
> I guess the ghc-builds mailing list speaks for itself.
>> Also worry less about official or not. The Travis setup is not official,
>> but (IMHO) has been useful quite a few times. I'd _like_ it to be
>> official, i.e. hosted on, but that is not important.
> All right, if the rules of game are like that, let it be so...
>> If your service becomes "critical" in some sense it is still time to
>> move it some official infrastructure... but that can come second, and
>> should not hinder anyone from contributing.
> Okay, thanks for the clarification!
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