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Am Dienstag, den 01.04.2014, 21:07 +0200 schrieb Johan Tibell:

> If the false positive rate is low, feel free to automatically have the
> emails sent to ghc-devs at . We want to know when we broke stuff ASAP. 

unfortunately, it is not as low as it should be, partially because of
hitting the 50 minute limit, partially errors while cloning or other
non-GHC-related errors. So unless you insist that we should try it I’ll
rather do the manual filtering.

Or we could have a "ghc-bots" mailinglist where any kind of
machine-generated GHC-related mails can be sent to, then interested
parties can subscribe.

I can also manually add people to receive the travis mails, so if any of
you feel QAish today, let me know.

(I was about to suggest to add the statuses and links to build logs as
git notes, so that "git log" would show that, but git notes are not
pullable in a convenient way, so I don’t suggest that.)

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