GHC 7.8 release status

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Wed Sep 4 13:53:17 UTC 2013

The 7.8 release is imminent. This email is to ask abou the status of your contributions.  In each case could you update the wiki with the current state of play, and your intentions, including dates.   That is, don't put your reply in email: it on the status page below; though by all means send email too!
Summary here:
Also : What is missing from the list that should be done?

·         Patrick Palka: status of ghc -make -j?

·         Nick: status of your three items?

·         Pedro/Richard: is all the Typeable stuff, and gcast and friends, finished?

·         Geoff: what about the new Template Haskell story?

·         Iavor: when do you think you can merge?

·         Austin: what about ARMv7?

·         Edsko/Thomas/Luite: if you want anything for 7.8 it'll have to be jolly soon.  At the moment I don't even know the motivation or design, let alone implementation.  Could you make a wiki page explaining the proposed design?  Is it really important to do this for 7.8?

·         Dynamic GHCi.  I have no idea who is driving this, or how important it is.

·         Ryan: atomic stuff.  All merged?

·         AMP warnings: David Luposchainsky is driving this.

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