[commit: packages/base] master: Add fmapCoerce to Functor class. (3da4fd9)

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Am Mittwoch, den 25.09.2013, 03:04 -0400 schrieb Edward Kmett:
> The discussion was back and forth with SPJ and Richard Eisenberg
> during the discussion about the creation of the roles machinery and
> Simon suggested the shape it currently has to me last night.

given the recently intensified urge to make GHC a more community driven
project, may I suggest to reduce the amount of off-list discussions? I
find it very confusing if some discussions happen on list, some
discussion on list with certain people explictily CC’ed, and some
discusisons off-list, and some alternating between these. I believe we
are all able to ignore discussions on the list that are not relevant for
us, but on-list discussions are easily referenced and re-read later.

> Having this in the class is the only way that this can lift over an
> 'unknown' Functor in local scope, and permits users of a functor that
> is polymorphic to get access to the O(1) coercion machinery. 

Is the Coercion feature really mature enough to be embedded in Functor?
There are still some open questions (e.g. the in-scope-requirements for
it). I would feel more comfortable if people have one release’s time to
break it before we put it so easily in every programmers hands.

Greetings to ICFP from the Heidelberg Laureates Forum,

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