Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at
Wed Sep 25 02:52:33 UTC 2013


It seems to me that "newSession" does not exist. But it is used in 
comments and error messages.

% grep -r newSession *
compiler/main/DynFlags.hs:-- | Used by 'GHC.newSession' to partially initialize a new 'DynFlags' value
compiler/main/DynFlags.hs:-- and must be fully initialized by 'GHC.newSession' first.
compiler/main/StaticFlags.hs:  when ready $ throwGhcExceptionIO (ProgramError "Too late for parseStaticFlags: call it before newSession")
compiler/main/StaticFlags.hs:        then panic "Static flags have not been initialised!\n        Please call GHC.newSession or GHC.parseStaticFlags early enough."

I think they should be updated.


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