Bit-rotting(?) HUGS-specific code in GHC boot libraries

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Sun Sep 15 10:09:08 UTC 2013


On 2013-09-15 at 09:06:13 +0200, Austin Seipp wrote:
> I'm voting we delete it. In fact: I say if nobody pipes up and is
> *committed* to maintaining it, we delete it, oh, two weeks. That's
> standard library-proposal timeframe. (And I do mean maintenance - not
> "drop barely enough work to get it into shape and then leave it alone
> for 5+ more years.")

Fyi, I've gone ahead and started preparing validate-checked removal
commits for two of the affected packages:



...while going through the #ifdef's and playing human CPP I couldn't
help but wonder whether the `#if(n)def __GLASGOW_HASKELL__` are worth
it: Some places didn't look as if they would compile if
`__GLASGOW_HASKELL__` wasn't defined.


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