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Am Montag, den 09.09.2013, 13:25 -0400 schrieb Richard Eisenberg:
> According to the original post and the comments on #5498
> (, breaking through
> abstraction is another reason for keeping GND outside of Safe Haskell.
> I'm worried that the same concern would affect newtype coercions given
> the current proposal.

an easy fix would be to disallow coerce in Safe Haskell.

A similarly easy fix would be to add the requirements that constructors
have to be in scope when generating the
        instance Coercible a b => Coercible (D a) (D b)
rule in Safe Haskell code. Although that might cripple the feature too
much, but not more than not having the feature at all.

I think the latter is a good compromise for the non-advertised release.


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