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 UNITED NATIONS  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is recommending a 15 percent 
reduction in the number of U.N. troops in Haiti and an examination 
of whether a peacekeeping operation is still the best way to support 
the impoverished Caribbean nation.In a report to the U.N. Security Council 
circulated Tuesday, Ban said he intends to discuss with Haiti's government 
and member states the best way for the U.N. to continue contributing 
to "greater stability and development in the country."Ban said he will explore 
the option of replacing the peacekeeping mission, known as MINUSTAH, "with 
a smaller, more focused assistance mission by 2016" and include proposals 
on the way forward in his next report in March 2014.In the 
meantime, he recommended reducing MINUSTAH's military strength from 6,270 
to 5,021 by June 2014.
 ve Boone and other past mascots 
a retirement ceremony in the upcoming academic year.The image of Denver 
Boone was originally designed by a Walt Disney artist and named by 
a UD student back in 1968 .The cartoony figure, which sports a 
scruffy beard and a raccoon skin cap, is reminiscent of the Daniel 
Boone character from the 1950s TV show based on the real-life pioneer.Boone 
was a legend of early American history and the archetypal hero of 
the American Western Frontier.Later, his image and legend fell victim to 
revisionist history as he became associated with the forceful displacement 
of Native Americans from their land.So how closely linked are Denver Boone 
and Daniel Boone?Any association of the Denver Boone caricature with America's 
pioneer hero, Daniel Boone, is misguided, said Randell Jones, historian 
and author of the book In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone.Mythology and 
Fess Parker aside, it is well documented that Daniel Boone never wore 
a coonskin cap. Neither did he wear a beard. Moreover, any exploits 
by him west of Missouri are speculative at best.
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