7.8 Release Update

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 9 07:14:41 UTC 2013

Excerpts from Kazu Yamamoto (山本和彦)'s message of Sun Sep 08 19:36:19 -0700 2013:
> ----
> % make show VALUE=GhcLibWays
> make -r --no-print-directory -f ghc.mk show
> GhcLibWays="v p dyn"
> ----

Yes, it looks like you are missing p_dyn from this list. I think
this is a bug in the build system.  When I look at ghc.mk
it only verifies that the p way is present, not p_dyn; and I don't
see any knobs which turn on p_dyn.

However, I must admit to being a little confused; didn't we abandon
dynamic by default and switch to only using dynamic for GHCi (in which
case the profiling libraries ought not to matter)?


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