More windows woe

Edward Z. Yang ezyang at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 4 23:56:30 CEST 2013

I've gotten GHC to build on Windows, but the test suite is finicky. Here
is an error I am getting:

=====> T5267(normal) 50 of 3724 [0, 0, 0]                                                             
cd ./arrows/should_compile && 'c:/Users/ezyang/Dev/ghc-validate/bindisttest/install   dir/bin/ghc.exe'
 -fforce-recomp -dcore-lint -dcmm-lint -dno-debug-output -no-user-package-db -rtsopts -fno-ghci-histor
y -c T5267.hs    >T5267.comp.stderr 2>&1                                                              
Compile failed (status 256) errors were:                                                              
tee: standard output: Permission denied  

It consistently fails on this test, and when I look at the process
list I see:

I    1032    1548    1548       4064  con  500 14:54:08 /usr/bin/tee

I was seeing something similar when I used parallel make, apparently
there is a known deadlock when running make -j2 (or higher). But I
don't know why tee would be deadlocking.


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