AMP (#8004) almost finished, review would be nice

David Luposchainsky dluposchainsky at
Mon Sep 2 17:13:46 CEST 2013

On 2013-09-01 21:45, Edward Z. Yang wrote:
> Well, can you just fix all of the ["clash with join/<*>"] errors?

Not that easily; there are a couple of places that have <*> in their
API, namely Hoopl and the StgCmm modules. This raises an important
issue: can I rename their <*> to say <*|*> (which pairs nicely with |*><*|)?

Containers use 'join' internally a lot, but since it's not part of the
API that rename should be painless.

> Otherwise, do an OPTIONS_GHC block on top of the offending module 
> further bracketed by the appropriate preprocessor macro.

I'm afraid this doesn't work, since OPTIONS_GHC flags are *pre*pended to
the given options, and therefore overwritten by stuff like -Wall.

Corresponding GHC docs entry:

> If you define some of the missing instances you may break some orphan
> instances, but if it's just in GHC this should not be a big deal.

Adding instances doesn't cause any problems so I'll go ahead with this then.

Thanks for your reply,

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