ghc-compete, a repository of fingerprints, and continuous integration

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Sat Oct 12 09:15:54 UTC 2013

Hello Simon!

On 2013-10-11 at 12:59:07 +0200, Simon Marlow wrote:


> This is great.  With a bit of extra tool support for this we could
> actually do without submodules and go back to individual
> repos. Checking out a GHC revision in the past could consist of
> querying your ghc-complete repo for the fingerprint and then running
> the fingerprint tool.
> (unless you haven't guessed, I'm not a huge fan of submodules)

What problems do you see with Git submodules specifically? I'm asking
because I believe that we might be able address most of the concerns you
have by tooling (e.g. by server-side hooks to enforce inter-repo
invariants with respect to Git submodules, as well as client-side
scripts to automate common developer tasks) so that the perceived pain
of submodules can be reduced enough to make the change-function
significantly more favorable for switching to Git submodules (+ folding
some repos which are very tightly coupled/entangled to GHC into ghc.git
itself, such as testsuite or nofib)


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