small improvement to roles mechanism

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner
Sat Oct 12 02:17:02 UTC 2013

Hello there all! Sorry I've been completely out of touch(*).

If I have any hope of keeping Haskell Platform on track... or even slip by
just a few weeks (say, no later than end of November)... then it seems
impossible that GHC 7.8 would make a good candidate for the next HP release.

Do I read Bryan's post correctly, that 20% of packages on hackage fail to
compile with GHC 7.8?

And, if I read Carter correctly, a GHC 7.6 based HP is compatible with the
next OS X (or at least Xcode 5)... then we're in troubled waters and need
to decide how to proceed.

? Mark
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