Edward Z. Yang ezyang
Tue Oct 8 19:51:05 UTC 2013

My fault, I didn't validate before pushing a comment change.
thanks for catching.


Excerpts from Simon Peyton-Jones's message of Tue Oct 08 06:04:09 -0700 2013:
> I'm getting the error below.  I'm fixing it by changing the backslash to a vertical bar. It's in a comment so I guess that's the right thing to do?
> Dunno how anyone else's builds work!
> Simon
> rts/sm/Storage.c: In function 'allocate':
> rts/sm/Storage.c:725:13:
>      error: multi-line comment [-Werror=comment]
> cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
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> Registered office is at 21 Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2FB

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