updated to Trac 1.0.1

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr
Sun Oct 6 13:02:06 UTC 2013

Hello *,

The Trac instances at have been upgraded to the current
stable Trac 1.0.1 release in order to alleviate some technical issues
with the aging Trac 0.12.x line.

Ideally, you shouldn't notice any regressions; however, as a side-effect
Trac 1.0.x has a slightly different look which takes a bit getting used
to. I've tried to tweak the navigation sidebar to match the new design
and integrate better with Trac's variable-height notification <div/>s.

Should you notice anything that has been broken by the upgrade, please
let me know!

For those interested in what's new in Trac 1.0, here's a subjective
selection of Trac 1.0 highlights:

 - Improved the handling of ticket edit conflicts, by showing
   simultaneous edits and conflicting changes, and making it easier to
   merge the changes

 - Ticket comments can now be displayed threaded

 - Simplified reverting of a wiki page to an older version

 - Added a user preference and a option to display relative/absolute

 - Added //Comments only// filter in the Ticket Change History
   preferences, to hide field changes from the history and even exclude
   entries without a comment

For more details see


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