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Fri Nov 22 22:08:06 UTC 2013


so far the experiment with is quite successful.
Now that I started to also run the testsuite with -DDEBUG I was able
spot some tests broken due to asserts in a timely manner, timely enough
to identify (with high certainty) the causing commit.

So it is a useful tool, and I would like to see it at instead, i.e. not tied to my
name. Unfortunately, I cannot do that myself. Therefore, if you agree
that this is a good thing (until we have a CI of our own), would someone
with appropriate permissions please
 * Pull the repo from to
 * Set up the mirror on for ghc-complete (if that is a 
   separate step)
 * and enable it on

Once that is done I can change my cronjob (which is generating the
commits) to push to If you also want to run that code,
even better: just set up a cronjob that calls in a checkout of
the repo, and adjust the --author flag therein.


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