Too many symbols

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Wed Nov 20 21:11:10 UTC 2013

I'm getting the dreaded "Too many symbols in DLL" problem on Windows (see below).
I believe I can get round it by using static linking only, yes?  But how do I do that?  I have


in my, but it still happens.  Static only will do me fine!

Number of symbols in compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll: 69595

case `C:/code/HEAD/inplace/mingw/bin/objdump.exe -p compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll | sed -n "1,/^.Ordinal\/Name Pointer/ D; p; /^$/ q" | grep "\[ *0\]" | wc -l` in 1) echo DLL compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll OK;; 0) echo No symbols in DLL compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll; exit 1;; [0-9]*) echo Too many symbols in DLL compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll; C:/code/HEAD/inplace/mingw/bin/objdump.exe -p compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll | sed -n "1,/^.Ordinal\/Name Pointer/ D; p; /^$/ q" | tail; exit 1;; *) echo bad DLL compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll; exit 1;; esac

Too many symbols in DLL compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll

     [4050] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdfUniquableVar_closure

     [4051] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdfUniquableVar_info

     [4052] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdwsetVarUnique_closure

     [4053] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdwsetVarUnique_info

     [4054] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdwupdateTyVarKindM_closure

     [4055] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdwupdateTyVarKindM_info

     [4056] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdwzdcgmapMp_closure

     [4057] ghczm7zi7zi20131119_Var_zdwzdcgmapMp_info

     [4058] setHeapSize

compiler/ recipe for target 'compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll' failed

make[1]: *** [compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll] Error 1

make[1]: *** Deleting file 'compiler/stage2/build/libHSghc-7.7.20131119-0-ghc7.7.20131119.dll'

Makefile:64: recipe for target 'all' failed

make: *** [all] Error 2
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