list of unexpecteds expected on OS X?

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at
Thu May 2 17:22:14 CEST 2013

I'm switching my GHC development over to a Mac, and so I'm establishing a
validation baseline, since I don't expect all tests to pass on my setup.

After a ./sync-all pull (as of Johan's ade1ae97), and a ./validate --slow,
I see unexpected results for these tests.

TEST="T149 T5313 jules_xref launchbury layout008 jl_defaults T7360 T1969
T5631 T3064 T4801 T3294 jules_xref2 ImpSafeOnly08 safePkg01 ImpSafeOnly02
ImpSafeOnly03 ImpSafeOnly01 ImpSafeOnly06 ImpSafeOnly07 ImpSafeOnly04
ImpSafeOnly05 ImpSafeOnly09 ImpSafeOnly10 T4474a T4474c T4474b
space_leak_001 conc058 conc068 conc065 conc066 conc020 conc035 conc017
rittri lex T2507 haddock.Cabal T7478 jq_readsPrec IntegerConversionRules
integerConstantFolding signals004 T7170 dynamic003 length001 echo001
cgrun071 hSetBuffering004 hSetBuffering002 hClose002 andy_cherry qq007
qq008 recomp006"

(See below for more of the summary info.)

Question 1: To other GHC developers using OS X: do you recognize these
tests as "unexpecteds expected on OS X"?

Question 2: Has anyone diagnosed these particular tests? IE is there an OS
X tsar? (I am not necessarily volunteering here.)



T149 became a pass with one my patches about a month ago, but I was seeing
nondeterminism and was hoping someone more familiar with the T149 test

If I run the testsuite manually (cd testsuite/tests/; make TESTS=<as
above>), the "ImpSafeOnly*" tests pass as expected.

The 'conc*' tests don't even compile because block and unblock were
replaced by mask, but I'm weary of directly changing this because it seems
like these should have shown up on all platforms.

I've lightly investigated some of the others, and opened a few tickets
(#7876 #7877, comment on #7684), but I'm asking here for more information
before I flood the ticket system. A common culprit seems to be the IO
library's behavior wrt to closed handles. Other tests look to involve some
dynamic linking issues.

Unexpected passes:
   driver           T5313 (normal,hpc,optasm,ghci,threaded1,threaded2,dyn)
   perf/should_run  T149 (normal)

Unexpected failures:
   ../../libraries/base/tests     dynamic003 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   ../../libraries/base/tests     echo001 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   ../../libraries/base/tests     length001 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   ../../libraries/base/tests/IO  hClose002 [bad exit code]
   ../../libraries/base/tests/IO  hSetBuffering002 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   ../../libraries/base/tests/IO  hSetBuffering004 [bad stdout or stderr]
   ../../libraries/unix/tests     signals004 [bad exit code]
   codeGen/should_run             cgrun071 [bad exit code]
   concurrent/should_run          conc017 [exit code non-0]
   concurrent/should_run          conc017 [bad stdout or stderr] (ghci)
   concurrent/should_run          conc020 [exit code non-0]
   concurrent/should_run          conc020 [bad stdout or stderr] (ghci)
   concurrent/should_run          conc035 [exit code non-0]
   concurrent/should_run          conc035 [bad stdout or stderr] (ghci)
   concurrent/should_run          conc058 [exit code non-0]
   concurrent/should_run          conc058 [bad stdout or stderr] (ghci)
   concurrent/should_run          conc065 [exit code non-0]
   concurrent/should_run          conc066 [exit code non-0]
   concurrent/should_run          conc068 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   concurrent/should_run          conc068 [exit code non-0]
   driver                         T2507 [bad stderr] (normal)
   driver/recomp006               recomp006 [bad stderr] (normal)
   ffi/should_run                 T7170 [bad stdout or stderr] (ghci)
   ghc-api/T7478                  T7478 [bad exit code] (normal)
   layout                         layout008 [bad stdout] (normal)
   lib/integer                    IntegerConversionRules [bad stderr]
   lib/integer                    integerConstantFolding [bad stderr]
   perf/compiler                  T1969 [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/compiler                  T3064 [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/compiler                  T3294 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   perf/compiler                  T4801 [stat too good] (normal)
   perf/compiler                  T5631 [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/haddock                   haddock.Cabal [stat not good enough]
   perf/should_run                T4474a [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/should_run                T4474b [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/should_run                T4474c [stat not good enough] (normal)
   perf/space_leaks               space_leak_001 [stat too good]
   programs/andy_cherry           andy_cherry [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/jl_defaults           jl_defaults [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/jq_readsPrec          jq_readsPrec [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/jules_xref            jules_xref [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/jules_xref2           jules_xref2 [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/launchbury            launchbury [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/lex                   lex [bad exit code] (ghci)
   programs/rittri                rittri [bad exit code] (ghci)
   quasiquotation/qq007           qq007 [exit code non-0]
   quasiquotation/qq008           qq008 [exit code non-0]
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly01 [exit code non-0] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly02 [exit code non-0] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly03 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly04 [exit code non-0] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly05 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly06 [exit code non-0] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly07 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly08 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly09 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        ImpSafeOnly10 [exit code non-0] (normal)
   safeHaskell/check/pkg01        safePkg01 [bad exit code] (normal)
   simplCore/should_compile       T7360 [stderr mismatch] (optasm)
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