adding -ticky to, say, WAY_debug_HC_OPTS?

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at
Mon Mar 25 18:35:06 CET 2013

(I admit that I remain intimidated by the build system.)

I'm renabling some ticky counter bumps from within the RTS. The most direct
path I see to this involves adding -ticky to makefile variables such
as WAY_debug_HC_OPTS. (See the APPENDIX for why I need that.)

It seems that the debug way is only used in the build system for building
the RTS. Is that right?

If so, will a flag added to the debug HC_OPTS vars in only be used
when compiling from .cmm sources? If so, my -ticky flag won't be putting
ticky counters into any .o file where I'm not expecting them, right?


1) Is it a bad idea to add -ticky to the non-threaded and
non-profiling WAY_debug*_HC_OPTS variables in

2) Alternative designs? A few come to mind, but they're more

Thank you for your time.


For example:

 * The (generated) definition of stg_ap_*_info uses BUILD_PAP

 * The definition of BUILD_PAP uses TICK_ALLOC_PAP

 * TICK_ALLOC_PAP is elaborated by CmmParse.y using

  * tickyAllocPAP emits no code unless Opt_Ticky is present.

  * -ticky is not currently in the relevant command lines
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