Crash on Windows with large data

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Mar 22 14:55:42 CET 2013

Yitz and others

| Would you and your team be interested in looking at this?

In principle yes of course.   I wish we had a "team", as in a bunch of people whose job it is to make GHC fantastic.  However we certainly do have a team of volunteers who do amazing things; and one (totally heroic and overworked) Ian Lynagh who really does have it as his job.  So in practice it might be harder.

Does anyone feel able to help Yitz?  

Ian might, depending on how hard it was to put him into a position where he could reproduce it.  Plus it depends on how critical it is for you.  


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| Yitzchak Gale
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| Subject: Crash on Windows with large data
| Hi Simon,
| At work, we have an app that ran into a BEX64 crash on Windows when
| processing a large and complex data set. I compiled a special version of
| our app with GHC 7.6.2 for Windows, because we suspect it needs to run
| on 64 bits.
| On Linux, the same app compiled with 7.4.2 runs to completion when
| processing the same data, although it does use as much as 15 GB of
| memory in the process. The Windows version crashed when it hit something
| over 5 GB or memory usage.
| Would you and your team be interested in looking at this?
| The problem is, both our app and our customer's data is proprietary.
| The customer is a well-know very large corporation. Due to the nature of
| the problem, I doubt there is any reasonable way to isolate the problem.
| I imagine we would need to send you the original code and data. Is there
| some sort of arrangement that can be made for this situation?
| Thanks,
| Yitz

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