build failure on FreeBSD 9.1

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at
Tue Mar 19 04:02:37 CET 2013

>> It is LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I modified to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in FreeBSD
>> and confirmed that it works!
> Thanks. I've pushed a patch for this.

Thank you. Building now works. But "validate" fails.

"/usr/home/kazu/work/ghc/bindisttest/install   dir/lib/ghc-7.7.20130319/bin/ghc-pkg" --force --global-package-db "/usr/home/kazu/work/ghc/bindisttest/install   dir/lib/ghc-7.7.20130319/package.conf.d" update rts/package.conf.install
Shared object "" not found, required by ""


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