TICKY_TICKY symbol in rts's C code

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 22:21:16 CET 2013

I'm trying to enable some ticky counters for profiling the RTS code (eg in
Storage.c:allocate). Much of the code was already in place, but disabled
via CPP.

I can enable the counters, but I'm having trouble making them only tick in
the debug RTS.

Can someone advise regarding the presence/accuracy of, say, the TICKY_TICKY
symbol within the $(TOP)/includes/stg/Ticky.h file?


  * I use a macro in Storage.c to tick a ticky counter

  * The macro is #defined in stg/Ticky.h

  * I'd like the macro definition to be empty unless the Rts build way

  * There's this TICKY_TICKY symbol already floating around, so that seems
like the right symbol to check

  * Thus: what do #include in stg/Ticky.h to make TICKY_TICKY accurate wrt
to the build way?

Maybe I'm dense at the moment, but trying some of the straight-forward
options suggested by
http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/Commentary/SourceTree/Includes didn't
seem to help.

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