PSA: GHC can now be built with Clang

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Wed Jun 19 07:48:49 CEST 2013


I'm actually hitting another CPP bug right now in building ghc head with
clang head, also I'll reach out to an apple dude i know to find out if we
can get any help from them on this or the related TLS issue.

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 12:44 AM, Austin Seipp <aseipp at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> As of commit 5dc74f it should now be possible to build a working
> stage1 and stage2 compiler with (an extremely recent) Clang. With some
> caveats.
> You can just do:
> $ CC=/path/to/clang ./configure --with-gcc=/path/to/clang
> $ make
> I have done this work on Linux. I don't expect much difficulty on Mac
> OS X, but it needs testing. Ditto with Windows, although Clang/mingw
> is considered experimental.
> The current caveats are:
>  * The testsuite will probably fail everywhere, because of some
> warnings that happen during the linking phase when you invoke the
> built compiler. So the testsuite runner will probably be unhappy.
> Clang is very noisy about unused options, unlike GCC. That needs to be
> fixed somewhere in DriverPipeline I'd guess, but with some
> refactoring.
>  * Some of the stage2 libraries don't build due to a Clang bug. These
> are vector/primitive/dph so far.
>  * There is no buildbot or anything to cover it.
> You will need a very recent Clang. Due to this bug (preventing
> primitive etc from building,) you'll preferably want to use an SVN
> checkout from about 6 hours ago at latest:
> Hilariously, this bug was tripped on primitive's Data.Primitive.Types
> module due to some CPP weirdness. But even with a proper bugfix and no
> segfault, it still fails to correctly parse this same module with the
> same CPP declarations. I'm fairly certain this is another bug in
> Clang, but I might be wrong. I'm trying to isolate it. Unfortunately
> Clang/LLVM 3.3 was just released and it won't see bugfix releases. But
> it will *probably* work if we just get rid of the CPP tomfoolery in
> primitive. I'll be testing it in the next few days to see if we can
> get 3.3 supported. (I'm sort of kicking myself in the head for not
> doing this a week or two ago...)
> Anyway, there are some rough edges but it should be in shape for 7.8 I
> hope. It should be especially welcome for Mac users. (I'm also hoping
> modern Macs could even go all-clang-all-the-time if my fix for #7602
> can go in soon...)
> PS. If you use ASSERT, I just fixed a lot of instances of using that
> macro, involving whitespace between the name and arguments (commit
> d8ee2b.) Clang does not forgive you for this. Should I note this
> anywhere for the future in the wiki or something?
> --
> Regards,
> Austin - PGP: 4096R/0x91384671
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