Validate fails: Var/Type length mismatch: [] [s{tv a15I} [tv]]

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Thu Jun 6 13:29:26 CEST 2013

> When you ran it separately, did you say BINDIST=YES ? If you didn't then
> it would have used the inplace package.conf.d, not the bindisttest one.
No, I didn't. When I run tests separately I only do 'make TEST=testName'. Should I add BINDIST=YES 
when rerunning this test or not?

> I recently added some "ghc-pkg check -v" calls in the validate script
> incidentally, so if you log the output of the validate run then that
> might give some more clues as to when/how it goes wrong.
Great. I'll see what error messages I'm getting whenever this happens again.

> test_bindist in bindisttest/ removes the entire
>     "bindisttest/install   dir"
> tree before installing the bindist there.
I noticed that 'make maintainer-clean' doesn't remove "bindisttest/a", but I'm not sure if that is 
relevant here. I admit I don't understand structure of this test.


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