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Uuuuuh. I'm sorry, I don't know why that email got sent, I was still
writing it. Please ignore it for now, will send the full version later :)

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> Hi all,
> The plugin mechanism gives access to the program in Core; this suffices
> for many but not quite all purposes. Tools that need access to the original
> AST can call typecheckModule directly, but of course this requires using
> the GHC API directly. Moreover, even when using the GHC API directly anyway
> (as in my case), it means that tools cannot take advantage of ghc's
> infrastructure for dependency tracking, recompiling only changed modules,
> etc.
> Hence it would be useful to have "source plugins", which can be used both
> externally and when using ghc API (in the latter case I guess "hooks" would
> be the more appropriate terminology). Currently "core plugins" are recorded
> as part of DynFlags as
>     pluginModNames        :: [ModuleName],
>     pluginModNameOpts     :: [(ModuleName,String)],
> This makes sense when thinking of plugins only as an external mechanism,
> but is less convenient when using them as internal hooks, too. In my draft
> patch I introduce a new type "HscPlugin" (described shortly) and added
>     sourcePlugins         :: [HscPlugin],
> to DynFlags. HscPlugin is a record of a pair of functions; having the
> actual record here rather than  a module name means that these functions
> can have a non-empty closure, which is obviously convenient when using this
> as a hook rather than an external plugin.
> In my current version HscPlugin looks like
>     data HscPlugin = HscPlugin {
>         runHscPlugin :: forall m. MonadIO m
>                      => DynFlags
>                      -> TcGblEnv
>                      -> m TcGblEnv
>       , runHscQQ     :: forall m. MonadIO m
>                      => Env TcGblEnv TcLclEnv
>                      -> HsQuasiQuote Name
>                      -> m (HsQuasiQuote Name)
>       }
> runHscPlugin is the main function; it gets passed the TcGblEnv (which
> contains the type checked AST as its tcd_binds field).
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