how to checkout proper submodules

Vincent Hanquez tab at
Wed Jun 5 12:13:47 CEST 2013

On 06/05/2013 10:10 AM, David Terei wrote:
> On 5 June 2013 01:43, Manuel M T Chakravarty <chak at> wrote:
>> I agree with Austin and Johan. It's a bizarre setup. Submodules have their
>> pain points (which we already have to deal with), but the ability to
>> properly snapshot and branch the whole tree would be a serious benefit IMO.
>> Manuel
>> PS: While we are at it, why don't we just have the main repos on GitHub
>> and use forks and pull requests like the rest of the world? (Using Git, but
>> not GitHub's superb infrastructure, seems like a terrible waste to me.)
> I'd be all for this. We partially use the GitHub infrastructure since trac
> broke and I changed the emails to point to GitHub instead. I also often do
> code reviews with other devs on a personal GHC fork on github before
> merging in.
> I believe it would also help encourage more contributors (especially for
> libraries) but others have expressed disagreement with this point of view
> in the past and I'm not in hold of data.
As a very recent new (try-to-be-)contributor, i'ld like to weight in, in 
favor of this.

IMHO, having to create a trac account, and submit patches by attachment
(with the confusing trac UI) instead of just pushing to some 
repositories and
issuing pull requests is quite suboptimal.

I don't think it would scare anyone enough that they wouldn't 
contribute, but
lowering the "entry cost" is always useful.


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