Mentoring for implementing #8004

Richard Eisenberg eir at
Wed Jul 31 16:10:14 CEST 2013

I haven't played much with instances, but it looks to me like 
tcInstDecls1, in typecheck/TcInstDecls.lhs, is a good place. Toward the 
end of the body of that function is a bunch of checks in the style that 
you will need to write (such as for bogus Typeable instances).

I hope this helps!

On 2013-07-31 13:56, David Luposchainsky wrote:
> Hey Devs,
> I haven't worked on GHC before, so I'm having trouble finding an entry
> point to implementing the AMP warnings (#8004). I only have a rough
> working knowledge of GHC's inner workings, but it would be a shame if
> the ticket wasn't resolved until the 7.8 deadline (which is somewhere 
> in
> September if I remember it right).
> My last approach was grepping through the source for "DEPRECATED" and
> seeing whether there would be an appropriate place for these warnings
> there, but that wasn't very fruitful.
> Long story short: can anyone point me in the right direction? I assume
> the right place to look is somewhere in the typechecker where there's a
> type class environment, and that's as far as I've come. (It's hard to
> understand thousands of lines when you're not even sure you're in the
> right place ...)
> Greetings,
> David
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