Some more questions about Cmm pipeline

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Fri Jul 12 10:32:34 CEST 2013

It looks to me that CmmLive.removeDeadAssignments does indeed do dead code elimination.  It's best to do it in one Hoopl pass: compute liveness and eliminate dead code.

However, we want to eliminate dead assignments to stack locations too, so the liveness info need to be augmented with stack areas.


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| I have two more questions:
| 3. I will be doing copy propagation within a procedure graph, after
| which I will need to run dead code elimination. My understanding of
| CmmLive is that it computes liveness analysis at the entry to each basic
| block, which implies I will not be able to use information generated by
| CmmLive for dead code elimination within a block. Is that correct?
| 4. Speaking of unused code, there is a disabled CmmSink pass just before
| stack layout is done. Can I remove that commented fragment or are there
| plans to re-enable this pass at some point in the future?
| Janek
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| 1. Was a quick hack that I did sometime in the past, it probably didn't
| work fully. Nowadays LLVM does loopification, so its not clear whether
| there's any benefit to doing it in cmm (but maybe there's some other
| payoff that we can get by doing it earlier).
| 2. Is Edward Yang's optimisation pass. Disabled because it is crazy
| expensive; I wrote CmmSink instead which does most of the same things
| and a few more. We should remove the code now that we're not going to
| use it.
| On 11 Jul 2013 11:37, "Jan Stolarek" < jan.stolarek at > wrote:
| Hi Simon,
| I have two questions about the Cmm pipeline:
| 1. I implemented a pass that replaces tail calls with a copy of the
| entry block we're calling to. This is slightly extended version of
| loopification which will hopefully enable further optimisations. Then I
| noticed that loopification pass used to be implemented (cmm/CmmOpt.hs,
| line 418) but was commented out
| (d92bd17ffd8715f77fd49de0fed6e39c8d0ec28b). There's also a comment:
| "XXX: revisit if we actually want to do this". What was the motivation
| for removing loopification? Is there a reason why we might not want to
| do it?
| 2. There is a module cmm/CmmRewriteAssignments.hs, which is not used at
| the moment. What was the motivation for disabling that pass?
| Janek
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