Any interest in moving GHC issues / wiki to github?

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Sat Jul 6 09:03:40 CEST 2013

On 05/07/13 22:36, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> We have a repeated problem with the GHC wiki and issue tracker getting
> filled with spam, and the server is currently taking about a minute to
> respond to each attempt to load a web page.
> I wonder if anyone would be open to us migrating the content to github
> instead. (Actually, while I'm at it, cloning from github is much faster
> than from <>, but that's a
> fight for another day.)

I don't see any spam - where are you looking?  Also the Trac is loading 
in a second or two for me.  We do occasionally have to revert some spam, 
but I like the fact that with Trac we're in control of our own 
infrastructure.  This has turned out to be useful several times in the 
past - when we want some extra functionality, we go find a Trac plugin 
to do it, or we implement the change ourselves (or rather we ask Ian 
nicely to do it :-).  We have a lot more functionality in our issue 
tracker than github does.

There are a couple of pressing issues with Trac.  One, searching is 
crap.  Using Google with "" is much 
better (you can set up a shortcut in your browser to do this, there are 
some instructions on the wiki somewhere).

Two, repo browsing was too slow, so we had to turn it off.  This will be 
fixed by upgrading Trac, which I believe Ian is planning to do as part 
of the server migration.


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