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Thu Jan 10 18:17:16 CET 2013

# SRC_P_OPTS  Source-tree options for P
I suspect the options you put in HC_OPTS would better fit in SRC_HC_OPTS.

What do you think?


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<div dir=3D"ltr"><div>(cc&#39;d ghc-devs)</div><p>Hi=A0Johan and David.</p>=
<div>I&#39;ve noticed that you used &quot;HC_OPTS +=3D -O2 ...&quot; in the=
 Makefiles for the shootout programs, eg in your commits=A0a735c7a1 and a9c=

<div>=A0</div><div>I&#39;m not seeing a way to override=A0those options=A0w=
hen invoking make on the command line. I&#39;ve been using something like</=
div><div>=A0</div><div>=A0 EXTRA_HC_OPTS=3D&quot;-O1 ...&quot;</div><div>=

in order to build the tests *without* -O2, but $(EXTRA_HC_OPTS) comes befor=
e $(HC_OPTS) on the generated command line; from <a href=3D"http://ghc-opts=
 $(WAY$(_way)_HC_OPTS) $($*_HC_OPTS) $(EXTRA_HC_OPTS)</div>

</div><div>=A0</div><div>Thus I can&#39;t turn -O2 off. I want to turn -O2 =
off, eg, since if I cause some horrific change in the code, I want to see i=
t, even if -O2 would undo it.</div><div>=A0</div><div>From <a href=3D"http:=
//"></a>, again:</div>

<div>=A0</div><div>#=A0SRC_P_OPTS=A0=A0Source-tree options for P <br></div>=
<div>I suspect the options you put in HC_OPTS would better fit in SRC_HC_OP=
TS.</div><div>=A0</div><div>What do you think?</div><div>=A0</div><div>Than=



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