[commit: ghc] master: Tidy up cross-compiling (109a1e5)

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at singpolyma.net
Sun Jan 20 19:46:43 CET 2013

Somebody claiming to be Simon Marlow wrote:
>On 19/01/13 00:44, Stephen Paul Weber wrote:
>>Needs the patch to add QNX as a supported OS (first patch from
>><http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/cvs-ghc/2012-December/079078.html>) to
>>even try to configure, which is expected.  After applying that patch:
>I'll get that patch committed.

Thanks :)

>>So, I have commented out the dph libraries from ./packages
>>I think this is still expected behaviour.  Should something about this
>>possibility be added to the wiki page?
>Yes, you need to omit the dph packages when getting the subrepos.  
>I've added that to the page.

Looks good.

>>I'm not sure why it does not get the target right, but I can work around
>>this by adding the following to build.mk:
>Right, I've added this to the page too.

Yeah.  It seems like target isn't even being passed through, but it could be 
that I just don't have gmp in my toolchain as well.  Not sure.

>Ok, we should fix 'make install'.  I didn't have much luck with it either.


Thanks all!

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