LLVM failures

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 16 09:43:44 CET 2013

| >      Warning: Couldn't figure out LLVM version!
| >               Make sure you have installed LLVM
| >
| The 'llvm' way is supposed to be disabled in the testsuite if LLVM is
| not found.  Here is the code from testsuite/mk/test.mk:
| Maybe this isn't working?  Or maybe you have llc on your path, but
| there's something wrong with it? Which test is failing specifically?

Ah. Yes!  There *is* an llc.exe on my path, and it comes with the Haskell Platform!

bash-3.1$ which llc

Details below. So I suppose the next question is why it doesn't work?


bash-3.1$ llc --version
LLVM (http://llvm.org/):
  LLVM version 3.1
  Optimized build with assertions.
  Built May 22 2012 (00:18:58).
  Default target: i686-pc-mingw32
  Host CPU: corei7

  Registered Targets:
    arm      - ARM
    cellspu  - STI CBEA Cell SPU [experimental]
    cpp      - C++ backend
    hexagon  - Hexagon
    mblaze   - MBlaze
    mips     - Mips
    mips64   - Mips64 [experimental]
    mips64el - Mips64el [experimental]
    mipsel   - Mipsel
    msp430   - MSP430 [experimental]
    ppc32    - PowerPC 32
    ppc64    - PowerPC 64
    ptx32    - PTX (32-bit) [Experimental]
    ptx64    - PTX (64-bit) [Experimental]
    sparc    - Sparc
    sparcv9  - Sparc V9
    thumb    - Thumb
    x86      - 32-bit X86: Pentium-Pro and above
    x86-64   - 64-bit X86: EM64T and AMD64
    xcore    - XCore

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