make install fails on Windows (8?) -- redux

Daniel Pratt colorblinddad at
Fri Feb 22 02:11:17 CET 2013

My first attempt to build GHC (on Windows 8) from sources went pretty well
until I got to the "make install" step. Some research revealed that at
least one other person got the same error I
on Windows. That other person "fixed" the problem by deleting the
offending lines from the build scripts.

I looked around a bit and noticed that pretty much every other place else
that removeFiles was referenced, the path was quoted. I added quotes to the
paths on the two offending lines and subsequently the "make install"
process completed without errors.

I'm happy to log a bug, submit a patch, etc., but since this would be my
first time doing that, I thought I should run it by you folks first. The
wiki suggests adding a test case for a bug, but since this is a build
error, I suppose that wouldn't make sense?
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