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On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 12:02 PM, Nicolas Frisby
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> Thanks for rallying everyone! I made a bit of a breakthrough while trying
> to pinpoint where the linker is invoked.
> Here's the situation:
>   * If I use nofib's "make" command to build the text, the executable does
> not have the function symbols in its .text section. The .o files do have
> them.
>   * If I use ghc --make instead, the symbols survive in the executable.
> I'm not up to sleuthing out the details at the moment. Should I open a
> Trac ticket?

Sounds like make for nofib strips the executables after they are created.
That probably makes sense if nofib also measures executable sizes, but it
might screw you up here. Using ghc --make (command copied form whatever
nofib uses) is probably the right thing to do while you're debugging
any performance issues.
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