Compiling DynFlags is jolly slow

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Mon Feb 4 12:50:17 CET 2013

On 31/01/13 18:57, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 12:23:02PM -0000, GHC wrote:
>>   I can't compile `DynFlags` on my 256MB Raspberry Pi.  Could we do
>>   something about having less auto-generated code in this module please?
>> --
>> Ticket URL: <>
> The ticket's really about performance problems in the compiler rather
> than DynFlags in particular, so moving to the list.
> Even the non-generated code in DynFlags is quite large, and ungainly to
> edit. What would you think about splitting it up, perhaps moving
> DumpFlag, GeneralFlag and WarningFlag into separate modules?
> Ideally each module would also export a [Flag (CmdLineP DynFlags)],
> which would then be ++ed together in DynFlags, but I'm not sure if
> that's possible without making the modules mutually recursive. On the
> other hand, perhaps there's a way to split it up which would remove the
> need for (some of) the existing import loops; I'm not sure how feasible
> that is OTTOMH.

What about just moving PlatformConstants into a separate module?

The deriving Read is the main problem - couldn't you generate a ReadP 
parser instead?  Commenting out the deriving Read makes DynFlags compile 
twice as fast.  It may be a GHC bug, but fixing that won't help us when 
bootstrapping with older compilers.


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