whats our timeline for 7.8 release?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 30 14:13:22 UTC 2013

I'm just back from holiday.   In my last conversation with Austin we were expecting a release candidate before Christmas.  I don't think there are any show-stopping bugs; the last one was the irritating limitation to 64k symbols in Windows DLLs which was making it hard to build GHC on Windows, but I think we worked out how to hack around that.

I expect Austin is on holiday now, but I'll check with him when he gets back.


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> many many folks are wondering about when 7.8 is going to hit RC officially.
> What are the bugs / blockers / etc that are left to deal with?
> We should at least aim to communicate whats going on instead of 
> leaving folks wondering.

Would somebody answer this question?
I'm also wondering.

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