Ways issues with GhcDynamic=YES

Ben Gamari bgamari.foss at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 01:29:16 UTC 2013

I've spent much of the day trying to determine the root cause of,

    "inplace/bin/ghc-cabal" register libraries/ghc-prim dist-install "/opt/exp/ghc/root-ghc-llvm-dyn-7.8/lib/ghc-7.7.20131214/bin/ghc" "/opt/exp/ghc/root-ghc-llvm-dyn-7.8/lib/ghc-7.7.20131214/bin/ghc-pkg" "/opt/exp/ghc/root-ghc-llvm-dyn-7.8/lib/ghc-7.7.20131214" '' '/opt/exp/ghc/root-ghc-llvm-dyn-7.8' '/opt/exp/ghc/root-ghc-llvm-dyn-7.8/lib/ghc-7.7.20131214' '/opt/exp/ghc/root-ghc-llvm-dyn-7.8/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries' NO  
    ghc-cabal: Bad interface file: dist-install/build/GHC/CString.hi
    mismatched interface file ways (wanted "dyn", got "")

I'm attempting to produce a build to validate dynamic linking with LLVM
so build.mk looks something like,

    BuildFlavour = quick-llvm

Looking at the interface files produced for ghc-prim, it seems that
ghc-cabal is looking for the wrong extension,

    $ inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 --show-iface libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/GHC/CString.hi | grep --after-context=1 Way
    Way: Wanted [d, y, n],
         got    []
    $ inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 --show-iface libraries/ghc-prim/dist-install/build/GHC/CString.dyn_hi | grep --after-context=1 Way
    Way: Wanted [d, y, n],
         got    [d, y, n]

Any ideas what might be going on here? How is `ghc-cabal` supposed to
know which interface file to use?


- Ben
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