Please help complete `.mailmap`

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Tue Dec 10 09:34:16 UTC 2013

Hello *,

I've been trying to (re)construct a .mailmap file[1] in ghc.git which
allows `git shortlog` and `git log --use-mailmap` (and possibly other
tools/commands) to fixup bogus author-ids when displaying the Git
history, in the hopes to provide a more complete history of GHC and all
contributors involved.

I've been able to infer mappings for most users, but I'm stuck on a
couple of older account usernames dating back a decade ago for which I
have no idea what real names to associate with. These are specifically:

  $ git shortlog -es | grep unknown
    16	apt <unknown>
     1	cryder <unknown>
    13	desrt <unknown>
     8	dnt <unknown>
     1	geoffw <unknown>
    12	gla <unknown>
     3	josefs <unknown>
     5	krc <unknown>
     1	kw <unknown>
     5	kw217 <unknown>
     1	mbs <unknown>
     1	moran <unknown>
     3	njn <unknown>
     8	ralf <unknown>
    11	rje <unknown>
     1	sseefried <unknown>
     1	tgedell <unknown>
     1	uid245 <unknown>
     1	umuta <unknown>
     1	y.zhuang5 at <unknown>

If you happen to know who these past contributors are, please either
tell me or update [1] accordingly. Moreover, if you stumble over any
wrong entry in [1], feel free to correct it.



PS: If anyone's curious, the top-5 committers in ghc.git are currently:

  $ git shortlog -sn | head -n5
    8513	Simon Marlow
    5368	Simon Peyton Jones
    4629	Ian Lynagh
    2633	Sigbjorn Finne
     941	Julian Seward

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