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Wed Dec 4 22:13:52 UTC 2013

I have no objection to doing it now, though my opinion should count for little, since I know so little. The main person who is affected is Austin, since he has to do the merging. And I'm not sure that even 'base' is really controversial, is it?  

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| Hi all,
| While discussing something with Herbert this week in preparation of
| making a new stable branch, he brought a good point to my attention,
| which is that if we go ahead and reorganize the repository situation
| post 7.8, merging things to the stable branch from HEAD will become a
| bit harder.
| Notably, we had planned to fold testsuite (and perhaps some other
| repositories) into the GHC tree. Once we do this, the two branches
| will have diverged quite a bit, so merging from HEAD to STABLE will
| become harder* (because HEAD would have rolled in testsuite changes
| for example, but the STABLE branch would not have this history.)
| Thinking about it, the best time to do such a move is, basically, when
| there is no active stable branch. Unfortunately this time is right
| now, but I'm not sure how everyone feels about this.
| So, the question is: should we go ahead and pull the trigger on some
| of these perhaps? Herbert collected some numbers on the git
| repositories and outlined all the basic details here:
| The only thing I'd honestly propose right now is folding 'testsuite'
| into the main repository, but of course we should see what people
| think - perhaps we should keep base/etc off the table for now, since
| they seem more controversial.
| * I'll point out they will only become *slightly* harder in most
| cases, because I can always instead apply unified diffs, rather than
| cherry pick or something. But it does lose the original metadata from
| commits too. But I won't cry if people vote against this.
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